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Confined Space Training – Telecommunications Worker/Supervisor

Bell Canada Recognized

This one day course is designed for all workers required to enter confined
spaces or perform an attendants responsibilities.Workers will be
instructed in hazard recognition with corresponding precautions and
controls using the appropriate protective equipment. The practical
element identifies the individual’s role and responsibilities within the
program. Goals are set and both theory and practical elements are
evaluated. All of our courses incorporate team building into the
curriculum. Attendees are expected to have WHMIS,Lockout/Tagout, Fall
Protection and SCBA/SAR training, if necessary, prior to the course.

Attendees: Anyone accessing confined spaces for telecommunications.
Class size: 4-12
Length: 8 hrs

Location: Client
Standard: CLCILO.Reg.632/05
Testing: 35 Question multiple choice with oral delivery and Bell Canada confined space module test

Course Content
-A working knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations(confined space and related sections)
-Knowledge of the client’s policy, procedures and space specific plan.
-Recognition of confined space and introduced work related hazards.
-Use of gas detection and ventilation techniques to control atmospheric
-Confined space equipment (client specific).
-How to use and take care of PPE
-Pre-planning and executing a safe entry
-Creating confined space procedures
-Accurate completion of a confined space permit
-Communication systems
-Emergency response with external rescue
-Isolation LOTO I ZES review
-Bell Canada Confined Spaces Module and presentation