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Electrical Safety Awareness – Telecommunications

Bell Canada Recognized

This 8hr course is for workers and supervisors who could be exposed to the hazards of overhead Telco and joint use plant. This program provides an awareness of current best practices, the requirements of the Electrical Utility Safety Rules, provincial and federal legislation. Course will be customized with your company’s policies and procedures if provided pre-delivery.

Attendees: Anyone accessing aerial or underground work for telecommunications.
Class size: 4-20
Length: 8 hrs

Location: Client
Testing: 30 Question multiple choice with oral delivery and Bell Canada confined space module test

Course Content
Provincial, federal regulations
Best practices regulating overhead work (E.U.S.R.)
Electrical – General
Electrical distribution systems
Basics of electricity
Basic electrical theory
Effects of electricity
Controlling electrical hazards (insulators)
Emergency procedures in case of expose (general)
Relevant items from CSA Z462
Electrical – Overhead Plant
Identifying electrical elements of overhead plant
Identifying physical elements of plant (types of poles etc)
Hazards of overhead plant (electrical and physical)
General limits of approach
Hazards in reducing limits of approach
Step and touch potential
Grounding techniques
Communication circuits operating at 80-200v – BellTip 47910
Physical Plant
Types and hazards of poles
Strand hazards and controls
Pole and strand testing
Accessing Plant – Ladders
Ladder inspection
Placement of ladder on strand and pole
Fall protection systems
Relevant items from CSA Z-l1-12
Accessing Plant – Aerial Device Bucket Truck
Hazards and controls overview
Basic inspection and spill procedures